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Hydroscand Group has approximately 1,700 suppliers from all around the world offering a wide range of hoses, pipes, fittings, adapters, couplings, accessories, consumables and related components. We understand and value the important role our suppliers play in helping us help our customers.

Would you like to be part of the journey too?

Our global sourcing team is eager to come in contact with new suppliers who share our values. We expect all suppliers to be best in class and to meet the same high standards that we set for ourselves.

What we expect:

  • Willingness to build a long-term partnership
  • Proactive co-operation to implement cost reduction measures
  • Guarantee of consistently high product quality
  • Stability and reliability of supply
  • Transparency and openness in the business relationship
  • Meeting our expectations for ethics and compliance by agreeing on our Suppliers Code of Conduct

What we offer:

  • Industry-leading, global growth perspectives
  • Mutually beneficial long-term collaboration
  • Support to our suppliers in the product development process

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