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Hydroscand’s pipe clamps are designed as attaching elements for pipes and hoses. Using a Hydroscand clamp when assembling pipes and pipe groups, as well as industrial and hydraulic hoses, and general pipe installations, makes the assembling quick and efficient.

Hydroscand’s pipe clamps are made of polypropylene, aluminium, glass fibre reinforced polyamide (flame proofed) and polypropylene with rubber grommet. Weld and sectional plates, screws etc. are available in steel or in stainless steel.

For systems with a lot of vibration, the recommended material is polypropylene with rubber grommet. This is also suitable for attaching electrical cables.

HYDROSCAND delivery programme

Standard series
Used for normal hydraulic and pipe diameter of 6–54 mm, male.
Clamp material: Polypropylene, aluminium, glass fibre reinforced polyamide and polypropylene with rubber grommet.
Note! Clamps for inch-pipes are also available.

Heavy series
Used for high pressure hydraulics and pipe diameter of 8–324 mm, male.
Clamp material: Polypropylene, aluminium, glass fibre reinforced polyamide and polypropylene with rubber grommet.

Low weight series
Used for all types of installations and pipe diameter of 4–22 mm, male.
Clamp material: Polypropylene.

Double clamps
Used for normal hydraulics and pipe diameter of 6–42 mm, male.
Clamp material: Polypropylene and glass fibre reinforced polyamide.

Weld and sectional plates
Are available in untreated design. Price and delivery on request.
For recommended distance between pipe clamps, see Technical information.

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