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Beside our wide range of high quality hoses, we can also offer couplings for all kinds of applications.

Low pressure couplings for applications with low pressure can be swaged with ferrules or assembled with hose clamps. As a further customer service, we can also offer pre-assembled hoses with couplings. The couplings are available in materials such as brass, stainless steel, bronze, aluminium and polypropene.




 Cam-Lock    Kardan and Bauer fittings    Claw fittings



Cam-Lock fittings

This type of fitting dates back to 1910 when it was produced for the American army to handle oil. Originally, it was only produced in bronze, since the casting technic was already well developed for this material. Later it was discovered that aluminium was a better material, cheaper and lighter, and with a greater availability (8% of the Earth's crust is made of aluminium). Stainless steal is a material which came later. Today, the assortment comprises of 8 different types in the 3 different more recent materials. They are manufactured in the dimensions 1/2” to 8”.


A short description of the requirements a Cam-Lock fitting must fulfill:
1: All Cam-Lock fittings are interchangeable with each other (a 2” fits in all 2”), irrespective of brand or manufacture.
2: Absolutely tight at 42ºC
According to the following norm:
1-2” 17.85 bar
2 1/2 ” 10.71 bar
3” 8,92 bar
4” 7,14 bar
6” 5,36 bar

Moreover, fittings in the material polypropylene can be found in every model and dimension. Actually, one cannot call polypropylene fittings Cam-Lock since those don't meet the above mentioned requirements.
All fittings are equiped with nitrile seals on delivery. Besides nitrile, seals are available in EPDM, PTFE, Viton and silicone.



Kardan and Bauer fittings

Model 42 is a cardan quick coupling for pipe and hose systems. Manufactured in steel, aluminium or stainless steel, it garanties total tightness for both pressure and vacuum, even in angled positions (10 degrees max.), thanks to a hinged hook system. In order to prevent unintentional disconnection, it is equiped with an automatic locking device. Maximum working pressure for liquids: 12,5 bar, and 8 bar for air pressure. Vacuum max. 80%. This coupling is mainly used on slurry exhauster cars and on petrol trucks for bulk transport of cement, cereals, flour and granulates.



Claw fittings

The claw coupling is as simple as a regular quick coupling, used when working with compressed air and water. Couplings are manufactured according to DIN 3489. The coupling is available in 3 different designs, and the stainless steal model is even available in 2 designs (hose insert and external thread). Today, many industries choose the screw-type claw coupling, since it sits very tight and therefore is completely safe. The typical customer groups for claw couplings are the manufacturing industry, the engineering industry, the processing industry as well as local authorities.


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